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Introduce the sales office. Show fiber optic patch cord manufacturing. You will see our sales team, workshop, warehouse and our sample show room.

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Differences between MPO and MTP connectors

What's the differences between MPO and MTP connectors? You will find the answers here.

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Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture SC-APC-18SK

Applied for Senko APC-8000 polishing machine.

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SC/APC Ferrule Neoholder® Polishing Fixture SCA-32-SQ

SC/APC Ferrule Neoholder® Polishing Fixture SCA-32-SQ Description: 32 SC Ferrule Neoholder® SCA-32-SQ was designed by Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited and exclusively used in Φ2.50mm ferrule high density polishing. Neoholder® is proprietary trademark. Neoholder® provides effective solutions to three critical issues during fiber optic connectors polishing with traditional method: (1) low polishing efficiency. (2) long operation time with fixing ferrules. (3) costing too much to purchase 4 p...

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fiber optic components -2017 China international expo

We'll be on-hand to answer your questions about Neofibo's full line of custom manufactured and distributed fiber optic components, patchcord equipments, fiber optic tool kits, cleaning kits, test instruments, cable and connectors.

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