Fiber optic jacket slitter RST-1040

RST-1040 flat cable Slitting Tool is made of blue-coated aluminum, which is strong and wear-resistant, with a sharp edge that is easy to insert into the PE outer sheath.

Neoholder Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15)

Model: MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15)


RST-1040 flat cable Slitting Tool is made of blue-coated aluminum, which is strong and wear-resistant, with a sharp edge that is easy to insert into the PE outer sheath. It is suitable for the longitudinal stripping of the bundle tube when the flat optical cable is cut and spliced. It takes only three steps to easily complete the stripping of complex flat fiber optic cables.


> Designed for slitting of flat optical cables;
> Double slot design, suitable for various FTTH flat optical cables;
> Symmetrical slotting on the long and short axes, precise control of the cutting depth to the sheath, without damaging the internal structure;
> T-shaped design, ergonomic and comfortable to hold;
> Small size, light weight, easy to operate, complete cutting at one time;
> Can be customized according to different cable diameters.


>RST-1040 Suitable for slitting FTTH flat optical cable.
>CMST-0506 Slitting FTTP round cable with 4.8-5.0mm, 5.7-5.9mm.
>OCST-4070 designed for oval cable diameter 6.4*3.5mm, 6.9*3.9mm.
>OCST-4083 designed for oval cable diameter 6.4*3.5mm, 8.3*4.0mm.


Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited is founded in 2008, locates Shenzhen China. Neofibo has dedicated to become the professional supplier for fiber optic polishing solutions and aims to make our customers’ fiber connectivity more reliable.

During last 14 years, we have been comprised of a group of experienced fiber optic professionals in areas of connector polishing and assembling, outside plant installation, transmission system, datacom, CATV and testing. Neofibo could provide products and service for you, whether you are fiber optic scientist working in multi-gigabit, DWDM, EDFA applications, maintenance engineer  for optical connecting system, an outside plant contractor providing splicing and testing, a datacom manager who works in multimode-to-single mode conversion or you are an optical fiber component manufacturer who needs lots of high quality pigtails, consumables and tools, you can count on us to offer you the verified solution.

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What does NEOFIBO offer?

We offer full range of quality and comprehensive fiber optic products, including Patchcord Production Machine, polishing jigs, as Seikoh Giken, Senko, Domaille or customized ones; Polishing Consumables, Tools, Cleanings, Tool Kits, Testing Equipment, Splice Items. We commit to offer you Attractive Price, Excellent Quality and Fast Delivery!

What will be the delivery cost?

All price listed are FOB Shenzhen. Your nominated courier is acceptable. Otherwise, we will use FEDEX, DHL, UPS or any other forwarder per confirmation and charge accordingly.

How the goods will be delivered?

For normal stock items, they will be dispatched within 1-2 business days after payment confirmation. However, for items out of stock, estimated leadtime will be 3-10 working days.

How can I order the goods?

Neofibo is pleased to offer our valuable customers three ordering channels.  e.g.:  Online Ordering, Fax Order Form and Issuing Formal Purchasing Order by mail.

How is the warranty for NEOFIBO product?

All products are warranted by NEOFIBO (consumables, normal tear and wear excluded) for one year after date of purchase. Any part defected in material or workmanship and returned to NEOFIBO, as NEOFIBO designates, shipping costs prepaid, will be, as the exclusive remedy, repaired or replaced, at NEOFIBO’s option.


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