SC/APC Ferrule Neoholder® Polishing Fixture SCA-32-SQ

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SC/APC Ferrule Neoholder® Polishing Fixture SCA-32-SQ


32 SC Ferrule Neoholder® SCA-32-SQ was designed by Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited and exclusively used in Φ2.50mm ferrule high density polishing. Neoholder® is proprietary trademark. Neoholder® provides effective solutions to three critical issues during fiber optic connectors polishing with traditional method:

(1) low polishing efficiency.

(2) long operation time with fixing ferrules.

(3) costing too much to purchase 4 polishing fixtures for SC / FC / ST / E2000 connector.

Without increase in labor cost and equipment cost, one piece of Neoholder® SC-48-F25 could make your polishing efficiency increase several times. In addition, it could be used for ROSA, TOSA and BOSA polishing.

Key Features:

Neoholder® Series are the unique and patented products of Neofibo.

Applicate to SC/PC, FC/PC, ST/PC, E2000/PC ferrule polishing.

High efficiency, and polishing 48 ferrules in one cycle.

Finger-Push and one-lock-four structure, locking 48 ferrules in 12seconds.

The geometry dimensions of polished ferrules comply with IEC standards

The first pass yield for end face quality reach 100%.


ROSA, TOSA and BOSA component polishing.

SC ferrule Manufacturer polishes geometry dimensions.

SC/FC attenuator ferrule polishing.

Polishing ferrule for patchcords, such as SC/UPC, FC/UPC, ST/UPC, E2000/UPC etc.

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