Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture SC-APC-18SK

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Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture SC-APC-18SK

1.Applied for Senko APC-8000 polishing machine.

2.Designed for SC/APC connectors.

3.Easy to change jigs, simple and flexible to operate.

4.High efficiency, polishing Max 18 connectors in one cycle.

5.Excellent connector end-face polishing quality.

1.Machine Size 130mm*50mm
2.Net Weight 0.6kg 
3.Max capactiy 24 connectors
SC/APC connector polishing
5.Suitable Machine Senko polishing machine APC-8000
6.Materials Hardened stainless steel S136


1.Applicate to SC/APC connectors polishing.

2.High efficiency, and polishing 18 connectors in one cycle.

3.PC return loss as low as -60 dB, insertion loss 0.2 dB typical.

4.Holders on jig replacable, effeciency for polishing cost saving.


1.Used to polishing SC/APC connectors polishing.

2.Available for Senko APC 8000 polihsing machine.

APC-8000 Polishing Fixture Specification list:

Remark: If the polishing fixture you need is not in the list above, please contact our sales representative, we will provide a solution within 24 hours.

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